Investment process

Our investment process is a combination of an opportunistic, top-down approach to strategies with vigorous bottom up manager selection. We run a core portfolio of proven, seasoned managers with whom we have a high level of confidence to provide high risk-adjusted returns over the market cycle, together with opportunistic satellite positions to take advantage of our current and medium-term market outlook. The members of HeadStart’s Investment Committee, as well as having daily contact, meet formally on a monthly basis with the other members of the Investment Team to discuss the Fund’s top-down portfolio positioning based on our current and medium-term outlook for global markets, our core holdings are reviewed and satellite positions discussed in light of our market view.

HeadStart’s investment selection process focuses on the edge, integrity, pedigree and business model of the underlying manager. Before any investment is made, during the due diligence process, members of the Investment Committee will have met with key individuals of the prospective investment. Prospective investments undergo both detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis together with extensive investment and operational due diligence (including, but not limited to, a review of: operational procedures, infrastructure, documents, background checks on key personnel, asset verifications with brokers / custodians / administrators, etc…). Once a fund has been approved for investment, depending on the Investment Committee’s top-down view, an allocation may be made.