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About Headstart Advisers

HeadStart Advisers Ltd is a boutique, independently owned investment advisory company specialising in Alternative Investments, founded in 1990. The first HeadStart hedge fund, the HeadStart Fund Ltd, was launched in 1998 and was followed shortly after by the firm’s flagship fund, the HeadStart Fund of Funds, which was launched in 1999. HeadStart Advisers Ltd is headquartered in the United Kingdom and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

HeadStart Fund of Funds is a globally diversified multi-strategy fund of hedge funds seeking to generate long-term positive, absolute, risk-adjusted returns across market cycles through investing in a portfolio of proven hedge funds with focus on alpha generation. The fund is advised by HeadStart’s Investment Committee, Najy Nasser, Henry Watkinson & Jonathan Gates.

Investment Committee

Mr Najy Nasser is the Chief Investment Officer at Headstart Advisers Ltd. Prior to joining Headstart in 1997, Najy was Chief Investment Officer at Arab Commerce Bank where he was head of proprietary trading, having previously managed their proprietary asset allocation, traded Foreign Exchange Strategies and been active in international merchant banking deals on behalf of the bank.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment process is a combination of an opportunistic, top-down approach to strategies with vigorous bottom up manager selection. We run a core portfolio of proven, seasoned managers with whom we have a high level of confidence to provide high risk-adjusted returns over the market cycle, together with opportunistic satellite positions to take advantage of our current and medium-term market outlook.

Size and positions

Sizing of positions is based on a variety of factors. This is including, but not limited to: strategy, volatility, correlation, diversification, liquidity and the potential investment’s impact on the current portfolio. Subsequent risk monitoring and due diligence is integral to the on-going portfolio management activities; we look at both market factors as well as business risks at the underlying funds.

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