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Headstart Fund of Funds climbs 20.7% in 2022 as the MSCI World Index falls

//Headstart Fund of Funds climbs 20.7% in 2022 as the MSCI World Index falls

Headstart Fund of Funds (the ‘Fund’) in 2022 posted its third positive, consecutive double-digit annual return. Now in its 23rd year, the Fund’s outperformance contrasted the negative global equity and bond markets and also the less negative indices for hedge funds.

Headstart Advisers’ flagship Fund posted an absolute annual return of 20.67% for 2022 as it profited from successfully navigating last year’s difficult markets. The diverse portfolio of broadly uncorrelated strategies made positive monthly returns in seven of the eight months of 2022 that the MSCI World Index was negative. Further, as an example of the uncorrelated performance, in April the MSCI World Index was down 8.43%, whilst the Fund was up 3.48%.

HeadStart Advisers’ CIO, Najy N. Nasser, commented: “We are pleased with the way the portfolio performed in 2022, specifically the sizing of our positions in the portfolio which together allowed us to make our best comparative monthly returns when global markets had their worst periods of performance.

“This clearly demonstrates the value-add for investors of holding an investment in carefully selected alternative managers as part of a diversified portfolio. When you contrast it with the value destruction delivered by a traditional 60:40 portfolio during 2022, the hedge ‘fund of funds’ proposition should certainly be back at the forefront of an investor’s mind.

“During Covid, the opportunity set for hedge funds has been as fertile as it has been for active fund management. We believe our investment approach will therefore continue to outshine both passive and traditional fund management.

“We also expect that interest rates will remain higher for longer and going forward this will be a real obstacle for poorly run, unprofitable, businesses with poor capital structures. In turn, this will have significant ramifications for investment allocations and broader portfolios.

“Geopolitical and economic uncertainty remains high as 2023 starts to unfold and we sense that our portfolio is likely to continue to outperform in this environment”.

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Najy N. Nasser, Chief Investment Officer  –

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